Meet our Intuitive in Residence,

Tonesha Sylla

"This is my essence." - Tonesha

"This is my essence." - Tonesha



Tonesha Sylla is an intuitive, a natural born empath, innately spiritual, Akashic Records Reader and author of “Why Am I the Only Black Girl in the Shaman Room?


Tonesha wrote Why Am I the Only Black Girl in the Shaman Room? in order to explore every facet of a soul lesson and bring to life a facet of her personal creativity. And many of her clients have this same opportunity and challenge. Creativity & Soulfulness go together. The experience of working with Tonesha is one of discovering and awakening your essence intimately as well as following along with the sharing of her adventures into the seen and unseen, with others and in her own life. Learning is a spiritual practice. She writes to document, reflect, release and express. Every piece has a lesson. Every sentence has an insight and it might be exactly what you need to hear at a critical moment.  Synchronicity is all around us!


At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Now, what’s intuition and spirituality have to do with my brand and my business?” EVERYTHING. Tonesha’s skills and service aren’t about looking into a crystal ball and telling you the future; instead, she offers accurate insights, loving honesty,  a safe space to confess your deepest fears, real time guidance, and healing concerning about your most private affairs. Tonesha is a loyal intuitive coach who roots for the underdog by providing approcable and humorous clarity.  She makes room for your story and creates a psychic space to understand your dreams and your fears by collaborating to create realistic solutions to ongoing issues. Tonesha is a modern day mystic and we could just leave it at that.  But, Tonesha allowed spiritual guidance to take her deeper into her journey. She has fully embraced what others have shunned in order to support people at the deepest levels possible. Tonesha is currently living her best life in Africa to reconnect most authentically with who she actually is, and not what was expected. For some of you this may resonate immediately, for others you will come to understand what this means as you begin to acknowledge your own spiritual nature. This is a form of  “soul work,” coming closer, letting go, and being guided in a way that can be done by creatives, other empaths and even “normal” folks.


As Oprah Winfrey so simply puts it, “We are not human beings experiencing spiritual lives, we are spiritual beings experiencing human lives.”


So let’s get down to BUSINESS. Have you been struggling to understand the core of your identity and how it fits into your business or personal brand? Ever have that feeling that there was more to your problems, personally and professionally than meets the eye? Maybe, you’re even struggling to identify what direction to take in regards to product development and partnerships.

If so, then what you need even more than profit projections and a solid business plan is to understand both what is truly possible for your business and where you are most fundamentally blocked.

Have you consider the forms blocks can take on?  Even in profitable scenarios feelings of fear, loss of connection,  and anxiety are hard roads to navigate alone.


On the other hand,  working with Tonesha could present the perfect partnership.  A place that is rooted in soulfulness and based on core impact, action, and results.


That is precisely what our Intuitive in Residence can do for you. She can help you live your dreams presently and with gratitude, while guaranteeing that you are not only heard, but felt as you move forward towards your best and most elevated life.

It’s hard to truly understand the depth and intensity that transformation will take on your journey.  A life and brand guided by intuition can bring you up in so many ways. Consider this quote from one of the few books that Steve Jobs ever read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda:

“Most of you have had the feeling that you could be great, and do great things; but because you have lacked intuitive power, that potential has, for the most part, remained dormant. To progress and avoid the misery of mistakes, you have to find what is the truth in everything. This is possible only if you develop your intuition. That is the practical truth of the matter. That is why I am asking you to cultivate and use your intuitive power in everything. In your relationships with others, in your business, in your married life, in every part of your life, intuition is essential.”

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The Intuitive Residence position is designated for the purpose of soulfully creating things that the world doesn’t yet know it needs. In addition to the Unusual Trainings ( that should be usual), the Intuitive in Residence leads distinct programs of their own that may interest you.  Find this year’s offerings below.  They are exciting, deep, and a once in a life time experience. 



Emotional Clarity Session1

The emotional clarity challenge invites individuals to examine a specific problem through the spiritual lens of 14 distinct emotions. Experience live early morning sessions with a small group of deeply invested individuals while in communion with a psychic, empathic medium. This is a mirror for root cause conversations, that once cleared, can help you to show up for life and your dreams in a more soulful way.


BalI Retreat (In Person Emotional Clarity)

Experience renewed emotional clarity & creative inspiration with a unique end-of-year retreat to Bali. (If travel is your thing, then you may want to keep reading all the way to the end.) Consider joining us if you are craving deep (soul level deep) transformation in the background of an exotic location to promote release. We will be exploring the power of a small group and private healing sessions, extraodinary food and more. Get ready to stay intentionally rooted in spirituality for 7 days and open a pathway to connect more deeply with your authentic identity. Lush accommodations, amazing food + the emotional clarity experience curated for someone like you. (INTERESTED? Drop a note using the contact form below to get more information.)

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Surprise Challenge

The best part of creative season is making something new.  I’m creating a new spiritual experience focusing either on emotional pain or fear in entrepreneurship. it will be another 14 day challenge and I’m so excited to include those creatives and entrepreneurs who get the link between deep healing and rapid expansion. Click below to receive updates on when the challenge is released.