We don’t do small. We do possibilities.

The troublemakers, the truth-tellers, & the ones who go deep…The Radical Brand Lab exists for them. They need an agency that’s weird enough to listen to the wildest ideas, help you define your kind of radical, simplify the complex, & get you to the root causes of what’s holding you back faster.


How many great ideas will die because you don't know how to tell their story? How many concepts will fizzle because you don't know how to spread the word?  The Radical Brand Lab exists to feed you creative ideas that sparkle, pop and are never boring. We play with identities, stories, stunts & the art of unleashing artistic genius that can impact your world if not the world.  



We are a collective of brand strategists, artists, intuitives, inventors & people who are fiercely human.  Our goal: to help bold brands be even more radical in putting their mark on society... To be fearless in the pursuit of their true voice & spread it like wildfire.  We help you dig into your core identity & find the words to express and attract more of the opportunities you deserve.

Associates & Staff

Jordan Hayles
 Creative Director


Tonesha Sylla
 Intuitive in Residence


Nakita Pope
Sr. Brand Strategist


Dog (no clear role)


Here's what we can do for you:

Provocative Books & Brands

Have a good story that's being told poorly? Have a brand that just might be boring? Understanding who you are, why anybody should give damn and how to consistently express that is a riddle that we can solve. Whether it is for a personal brand, corporate identity or your next bestseller. We dig deep into the messaging for core identities, manifestos that get to the heart of your stance in the world, and about me's that resonate. 



  • Humor

  • Provocativeness

  • Radical Authenticity

  • Activism

Unusual Trainings (that should be usual)

We said we're weird and we mean that.  A part of branding is looking at your internal brand. Your company culture. Asking the same tired questions gets the same tired results. The same goes for your training.  We've gone out on a limb to champion unusual employee trainings that should be, well, usual.  Because we know that if you're customer facing brand is happy but your internal employee brand is a mess then something is off.

Our Focus:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Residencies

  • Emotional Clarity for Creative Teams

  • Human Terms & Conditions

  • Declutter Your Mind for C-Suite Executives




Have you ever considered what it would be like to have an Intuitive in Residence at your corporation? You should. The Intuitive in Residence has made unprecendented strategic business calls at just the right moment for a broad spectrum of companies and people. We’re imagining what the world could look like for you if you had the kind of access The Radical Brand Lab has had… Are you the next forward-thinking company to engage a radical partner and true visionary in building out core business and brand strategy that aligns with highest possibilities? Let’s talk. 2019 applications open now.


Our focus

  • Short-Term Residencies on High Level, Specific Creative Initiatives

  • Critical Intuitive Insight on root causes, transformation, and emotional clarity for high level teams

  • (secret sauce)

At a critical moment in your organization or personal brand? Our Intuitive in Residence offers a deeper level of insight to support brand emergencies and underlying personal crises. Answering the questions of who you are takes bravery, faith, & clarity. Crises threaten that. Let's get you back on track.  You need emotional clarity whether you're in distress or relaxing on the beach. Most people an organizations only feel that need when things are going wrong. We're happy to meet you where you are and help you realign energetically and strategically.

Crisis Management