We wanted to be in a place where off-the-wall ideas had a chance to survive, so we picked Portland.


But let me not make it seem like The Radical Brand Lab started with a grand building and a million dollar funding. No. It started with a one-way plane ticket and a friend that said, " come stay with me for 2 weeks and figure it out."  From there we found a co-working space called NXT Industries and worked in a conference room that looked more like a spaceship than a meeting room. And from there, The Radical Brand Lab was born. Our first off-the-wall idea is:

People with a stick up their ass are rarely inspiring.
— Our 1st founding prinicple

You heard me right. This is one of the first lines in the book we're writing: Your Brand is Boring. The premise: there are people and organizations who are breaking the rules of branding and life and winning the game because of it... and, guess what, if you act a little more like them you might win the game too. Why? because people with a stick up their ass are rarely inspiring and minimally relatable. In a world filled with crowded, ugly power points, we want you to be a slide with a single sentence. Because 140 characters are enough to change a life.

Your Brand is Boring., although definitely not finished, is the cornerstone for the energy we're creating and the possibilities we're building. Here are some companies & personal brands who hired us in 2017 to get something magically made by The Radical Brand Lab.


A Global Ad Agency, Oregon's First Recorded Black Wine Maker & One of Pitch Black's Crazy Startups


Let's Go Down in History

Oregon's first recorded black wine maker needed us to give his Wine Tasting Room and his personal brand the messaging that it deserved. We're excited to go down in history with him.

Reclaim your creative Energy

What happens to creative energy when your agency also has to deal with racial micro aggressions? W+K hired us to help them reclaim their creative energy through a series of workshops.


My period is petty.

Period Petty is Portland's latest radical startup. A winner in the Pitch Black competition, Period Petty hopes to do something cool: create a physical space where everything you need for your vagina, uterus and pelvic region is all in one space.

It is.  We checked.


But so is mine. Especially on the days where I'm existentially lonely, emotionally triggered or just out of tune with my purpose.  It's boring on the days when I'm trying to do something I have no business doing and in the moments when I'm doing everything but what I'm meant to do. And then I remember to dig deeper and tell the truth out loud as a part of my life and a part of my brand.  Because, as we say in the lab, 

Creativity Requires Radical Authenticity.
— Our 2nd Founding Principle